Kevin Scaldeferri

Portland, OR

Phone: (626) 487-1763

Professional Objective

I am not currently looking for work. I am also not interested in relocating. Really.

An individual contributor position where I can use my expertise in large system development, scaling, and optimization; where initiative and self-sufficiency are valued; and with co-workers dedicated to continuous learning and improvement.

Employment History

Principal Software Engineer
Gilt Groupe, Architecture Team
September 2008-Present

The Gilt Groupe is a leading online flash sale company focusing on designer clothing, upscale home furnishings, and travel. As a member of the architecture team, I've worked on a variety of projects core to the business and technical infrastructure.


Founder and CTO
Taplister LLC
February 2009-March 2010

I contributed to the development of the initial concept and business model for I was responsible for all technical aspects of the project from design and architecture to implementation to operations during the first year of the company’s existence.

Senior Developer
Yahoo! Search Marketing, Right Media Group
September 2007-September 2008

After the acquisition of Right Media by Yahoo!, I worked as a technical liason to integrate the Right Media Ad Server (RMAS) system into the Yahoo! infrastructure


Senior Developer
Yahoo! Search Marketing, Content Match Group
July 2005-September 2007

The Content Match group provides contextually targeted advertisements for websites both within and outside the Yahoo! network. I developed high-volume, high-reliability server applications using C and Perl.


Senior Developer
Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture Services), Sponsored Search Group
April 2002-July 2005

The Sponsored Search system at YSM serves hundreds of millions of web requests daily, providing search results directly as HTML to users and via XML feeds to partners including ISPs, portals, and browser plugins. On this team, I developed systems using Perl, Java, and C/C++; running within Apache/mod_perl, Dynamo, and Weblogic; and interfacing with Oracle and BerkeleyDB databases.


Senior Developer / Technical Lead
Arsdigita Corporation
January 2000-February 2002

I was a member of the development team for the Arsdigita Community System, a web application framework for developing database-backed community and collaborative web services. I developed software using Java, TCL, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, Tomcat, and Aolserver.


Web Developer
Graduate Student Council, Caltech
November 1999-June 2001

I reengineered the web version of the Technique, the graduate student guide for Caltech. When I started this project, the web site was simply a static HTML dump of the print version. I designed a content management system appropriate for the needs of this publication including full-text searching of the contents of the book, reader comments on the text, and a searchable database of restaurant reviews.

Systems Administrator
Theory Group, Physics Dept., Caltech
June 1999-August 2000

I supported approximately 40 users in a mixed environment of Sun servers, thin clients, and PCs. I was responsible for hardware purchasing decisions, software installation and upgrades, backups, and security on the cluster. In addition, I provided documentation of the use of software supported on the systems.


Programming Languages

Used professionally: Scala, Java, Ruby, C/C++, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, XML/XSL, TCL, Fortran, IDL.

Limited Experience: Haskell, Erlang, OCaml, Lisp, MIPS Assembly, R.